The Doctor Isn't the Only Nerd Who Goes to Prom

If you missed the Doctor Who Prom this summer, don't worry — the BBC will air highlights on New Year's Day. And if you think the BBC was the first to put "Doctor Who" and "prom" in a sentence together, you'd better get hip to Geek Prom: the adult superparty for Trekkies, Einsteins, space cadets, and all other… » 12/07/08 3:00pm 12/07/08 3:00pm

@Calraigh: RAWR. Yes. I decided to go with the no-sound one because it didn't jerk around and there wasn't that angry red light in the middle of Mulder's face. But I'm glad you posted this! :) » 12/01/08 7:37pm 12/01/08 7:37pm